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ALV Equipment

  Fifes and accessories
  Fifes Our six-hole, Concert A-flat (B-flat) fifes are made from cocobolo wood by Cooperman Fife & Drum Company. It is their traditional model fife: a cylindrical bore instrument, tapered at both ends with long brass ferrules, in a design popular today and suitable for early music and historical re-enactment performances.
  Cases We use fife cases copied from those used by Colonial Williamsburg's corps. They are water-resistant black leather with white rope carrying strap.
  Drums and accessories
  Snare Drums Our drums are Cooperman Fife & Drum Company's Liberty Model, heir to an ancient tradition of rope tension drums dating back over 400 years. Its design pays full respect to its heritage while incorporating modern technology and acoustics to create the most advanced rope tension drum in the world today. Not strictly authentic for reenactment purposes, we chose the Liberty because of its sound quality and durability. Our snare drums are 16 x 18 (diameter x depth) with ash laminated shells, red maple counterhoops, dacron rope, and black ears.
  Bass Drum Like our snare drums, our bass drum is Cooperman Fife & Drum Company's Liberty Model. It is 24 x 20 (diameter x depth) with ash laminated shells with red maple counterhoops and black ears. There is not much documentation on the use of a bass drum as a field instrument in the 18th century, so we chose this drum because of its sound (thunderous!) and appearance.
  Drum Heads We use Remo FiberSkyn heads with the logo removed as batter heads. They have the advantage of looking similar to real skin heads without the stretching associated with heat and dampness.
Our snare drums also have
Remo WeatherKing snare-side heads with a thin coat of buff colored paint on the interior to give them the appearance of a skin head at a quick glance.
  Sticks and mallets We use Cooperman Fife & Drum Company's Virginia Drummer model snare sticks and Standard bass beaters.
  Slings Our 18th century style snare drum slings were made by Cooperman Fife & Drum Company. They are buff white leather with stick holders on the front. Our bass sling is made from canvas web with two hooks for carries.
We wear two different styles of uniforms, and may mix and match throughout weekend long events.
  Coats, waistcoats, overalls Purchased from Liberated Goods, these are used Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps uniforms manufactured by Olde Colony Clothiers from Cheboygan, MI. Patterned after the uniforms worn by the Continental Army circa 1781, the coats are red with blue facings. The waistcoats (vests) and overalls (long pants) are buff colored wool.
  Work shirts, hunting shirts, breeches, stockings, tricorns These uniforms parts were purchased from Jas. Townsend & Son. We wear white shirts and breeches with green stockings with sashes. At times we will combine the overalls from our Regimental uniform with the shirts & sash to provide a more professional appearance than the white breeches.
  Flag When we carry colors, we use a "Betsy Ross" style United States flag manufactured by (you guessed it) Cooperman Fife & Drum Company. Resulting from Congressional action June 14, 1777, it is a replica of the first official flag recognized internationally.
We also have a West Virginia state flag that we sometimes carry at local performances.
  Halberd Our drum major carries a halberd purchased from Jas. Townsend & Son. Correct historically, since drum majors weren't actually officers during the Revolution.
  Jackware Flasks We carry our water in black waterproof leather bottles made by craftsmen at Colonial Williamsburg.

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