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Site Name Description
Equipment Companies
Rebellion Drum Makers of rope tension drums and drum parts.
Cooperman Fife & Drum Company Makers of fifes, drums, drum sticks, and other instruments.
Jas.Townsend and Son, Inc. Sellers of 18th century clothing and accessories.
Dixie Gun Works Sellers of black powder guns and parts. Their online store carries, instruments, music, and recordings.
Fife & Drum Corps
Excelsior Brigade Fifes and Drumms A great FDC from upstate NY.
Towpath Volunteers FDC from NY.
The Anicient Mariners Nautically themed FDC from Connecticut.
The Brigade of the American Revolution Living history organization with fifes & drums.
Tippecanoe Ancient FDC 18th century French corps from Indiana.
Colonial Williamsburg CW's web site contains information about the FDC.
Lewis and Clark FDC FDC from St. Louis, Missouri.
Loudon Border Guards FDC from Leesburg, VA
The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps The U.S. Army's FDC. A must see...
Related to Fifing and Drumming
Fife and Drum Online Fife and drum information and the host (thanks!) of the ALV web site. The fife and drum information resource on the internet.
The Company of Fifers and Drummers Organization formed to perpetuate the historical significance of fife and drum music.
Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg's web site.
Not Related to Fifing and Drumming, But Related to ALV (those pint curls help build those drumming chops...)
Jim Beam The best (affordable) American bourbon.
Samuel Adams The best American beer (not made by Dirk.)
Guinness The world's best stout (next to Dirk's homebrew.)
Bass Ale England's finest export.

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