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Below is a list of just some of the songs played by the Andrew Lewis Volunteers:

Soon links will be provide to sheet music for fifes and drums as well as mp3 samples.

ALV Street Beat The cadence ALV plays between tunes while marching.
1812 Quickstep Based upon an older tune, this was written shortly after the War of 1812.
The Andrew Lewis Volunteer An ALV original written by Virgil Kelly.
Brandywine From the Revolutionary War era.
Chester A popular religious song during the time of the American Revolution.
The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain A pipe tune in our first Scottish set.
Crown Point A modern piece written in ancient style.
Crusader's March A pipe tune in our first Scottish set.
The Girl I Left Behind Very popular song during the American Revolution as well as the Civil War.
Grandfather's Clock Popular during the Civil War and therafter.
Green Cockade A traditional march in 6/8 time.
Harem Scarem Modern fife and drum tune rearranged by ALV.
Irish Guards' Welcome to Toronto A pipe tune in our first Scottish set.
Let Erin Remember A traditional Irish tune. Last song in "The Irish Set"
Minstrel Boy A traditional Irish tune. Second song in "The Irish Set"
Old Saybrook Written for a fife and drum corps from Old Saybrook, CT.
The Road to Boston Revolutionary War era piece about marching to somewhere in MA.
Rondeau A tradional piece which was used as Masterpiece Theatre theme.
Sentry Box (The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre) A traditional Scottish tune.
Wearing of the Green A traditional Irish tune. First song in "The Irish Set"
Yankee Doodle 18th Century version of the song. A little different than the modern one.
York Fusiliers A popular tune at fife and drum musters.

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