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Hi, my name is Ken Barlow and this web page is located in the wonderful city of Rochester, NY. The racecar above is my father's from the 1970s and early 1980s, the driver is my pop too. The 2 HP isn't horsepower, although it's not far off, it's the # of the car, and the SCCA designated production racing class "H Production".

You people from UK: No, I'm not THAT Ken Barlow, I just happen to share names with him.

So, you love me and want to give me things? GREAT! click here then!

Here is a copy of my resume. I have a ton of networking, Unix and enterprise printing experience. I'm somewhat of a Java programmer with experience using Java as a tool to acomplish tasks more easily. Shell scripting? Perl? I write it in my sleep, it invades my most pleasurable dreams with printfs and sockets. ugh

The new family photo album page.

Click Here to see what Lake Ontario looks like from the sky, and the silt pouring from the mighty Genesee River!

See what my sister, Sherilyn (yes, that's really her name) thinks of me on Saint Valentine's Day

Check out the hidden world of Fife & Drum

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