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Trommel Schule zum Selbstunterricht, self instructor for the drum, 1891

Henke Manuscript, 1858

Company of Fifers and Drummers books in GIF format

A HUGE list of fife tunes in ABC notation from Chris Myers! This list parallels the Company book 1 song list, but in perfectly clean digital format.

A HUGE list of fife tunes in ABC notation from Chris Myers! This list parallels the Company book 2 song list, but in perfectly clean digital format. Many many thanks to Chris for putting the work into this fine effort, it really is amazing.

Bruce & Emmetts Drummers and Fifer's Guide in ABC notation from Chris Myers!

The National Civil War Field Music School music resources, a great collection of music including Ditson, Howe, rudiments, tunes, duty calls and beatings

Jim Krause has translated this book from the early 19th Century notation to modern drum notation! This newly released edition is available today just click here! the old version: Ashworth's Instructor

Bruce And Emmett's Fifer's and Drummer's Guide 1865. Please note that B&E should not be your only CIVIL WAR RESOURCE. Do not use this book exclusively or as your sole period source if you intend to reenact American Civil War field musicians. It was published well into the war, and the author's statements about their credentials are shady! Use a tactical manual, or just about any pre-war civilian publication instead. Selected tunes are fine, some duty calls are fine, but many do not match what earlier sources were producing, some were altered by Emmett to accomodate his musical stylings. Certainly no Confederate or Militia unit should be marching to Emmett's quick step so often heard on the field, and yet not documented anywhere other than this one book.

Carl Fischer's Complete Fife Tutor

Col. H. C. Hart's New and Improved Instructor For The Drum 1861

William Nevins School for Fife, Drum & Bugle1861

Links to other sites holding music of interest.

Village Volunteers Selected tunes from Maurice Calis includes a nice selection of standards and more complex tunes arranged by rank including fife and drum.

Fife Tunes arranged by Jim Krause aka Chester

DrumNotes True Type Font! By Leonard Karr of Charleston, SC. Download the True Type Font and the documentation contact Leonard at fifendrum@mindspring.com

Drummer Font! Also from Leonard Karr. Download this font here and documentation for it too.

Jason Wickersty's Field Musician's Homepage including ABC notation images of Bruce & Emmett tunes!

American Veteran Fifer on California Consolidated Drum Band webpage!!

Selected tunes on the California Consolidated Drum Band webpage

Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps put The Acorn Book online!

The Library of Congress has much information about fife and drum stashed away in the stacks. The web page here contains a list of fife and drum related works.

    Interpretations by Ron Aylor of the Continental Regiment Fife and Drum.
  • The Camp Duty, Revolutionary War Camp Duty including the drummers call and 18th centur y rudiments.

John Chamber'shuge ABC archive includes tons of tunes fifers and drummers play

You are listening to Chester, a MIDI file sequenced by Ken Barlow using MusicTyme authoring software.

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