Henke Manuscript

HENKEmss1a.pdf Reveille, Slow Scotch, Austrian
HENKEmss1b.pdf Hessian, Dutch, Quick Scotch, Yankee Doodle
HENKEmss2a-1.pdf Fatigue Call, Doctor's Call, Breakfast Call, Dinner Call (Roast Beef)
HENKEmss2b-1.pdf Dinner Call (continued), Slow Retreat (), Adjutant's Call, Color Call (To The Colors), Rogues March
HENKEmss3a.pdf General's Call (or The General), Church Call, Dead March (Oh Come! All Ye Faithful?), Merrymen's Grave (Merry Men Home From The Grave)
HENKEmss3b.pdf Merrymen's Grave (continued), Troop The Star Spangled Banner, Hail to the Chief
HENKEmss4a.pdf Tattoo, the whole of the following is played as tattoo; Doubling, QuickStep, Doubling, Commontime march, Doubling, Dutch
HENKEmss4b.pdf Tatoo, Dutch (continued), Quickstep, Doubling (thus ends the tattoo), Hail Columbia
HENKEmss5a.pdf Composed and arranged by G Browning drum major 2nd Artillery, Call for Striking Tents, Merry Men's March
HENKEmss5b.pdf text, respectfully forwarded to...
HENKEmss6-1.pdf For the Fife, Call for Striking Tents by Detatchment, For the Drum, Call for Supper (Old Dan Tucker, yes indeed, it is ODT) and for the drum
HENKEmss7a.pdf Washington's March, Hail Columbia March
HENKEmss7b.pdf Hail Columbia (continued), Yankee Doodle (new), text "The Trio or third part of Yankee Doodle is usually played with it to give diversity to the melody. Any drummer who has learned to beat the drum properly will know at once the proper beats for all the above national airs and for those who have not so learnt the drum, the notes could be superflous as they would not be understood. (editor's comment, wow.)

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