How to Join the Fife and Drum web ring

  1. Completely fill out the form (by clicking the link at the bottom of this page) filling in your site's name and URL, your name and your email address and the page where you will place the ring's HTML tags (if not on your home page). For the SiteID field, you make one up. It can be letters, numbers or a combination of the two. The password is also a field that you make up. When done, hit "Submit". A message will be sent to the RingMaster saying that you wish to join the ring. (Please be patient. It might take a day or two until the next time the ringmaster reads email.)

  2. You will receive an email message at the address you specified in the form. In that message, there will be a snippet of HTML code. Cut and paste that HTML code to the page on your website where you told the ring system you were going to place them (on the form you filled out). A good place is either on the bottom of your home page or on your "links" page. Some webmasters even have dedicated "web ring" pages for the tags of all the web rings they belong to. This will allow your visitors to jump to other web sites in the ring easily. A webring isn't a webring without them!

    If your web site is hosted on Homestead, you can find some good instructions on how to insert raw HTML code onto your web pages here.

    If your web site is hosted on The Express Page, contact the ringmaster for a special set of HTML tags. You can disregard the first set of tags that are sent to you automatically when you apply.

Be assured that the personal information you provide (name, email address) in the form will NOT be shared with anyone and will only be used for ring management purposes (i.e. an email message to all member when necessary, but that should be rare).

When the RingMaster has verified that your site contains the WebRing's HTML snippet, your site will be added to the WebRing

Guidelines for Ring HTML tags

Ready to join? Go here now!