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The Excelsior Brigade is an Ancient Fife and Drum Corps that also plays period correct music on instruments suitable for reenactments. By joining the group, you get a first class uniform, drum or fife, and treatment at parades and reenactments in the area. We teach at music schools at historic forts, we attend fife and drum musters, we march in parades and we play for reenactments. Anyone can join, we teach the instruments with free lessons from qualified instructors, and we even provide the uniforms all with no dues or association fees. You can carry the flag or march as infantry with a rifle too.

Homeschoolers Resource!

Ontario Couty, Monroe County, Wayne County, Seneca County and surrounding areas!

Homeschoolers and homeschooling instructors looking for history and music eduction for their charges find a great resource in this fife and drum corps. Certainly, by fostering a commitment to music and history that the group represents, and investing the time required to learn the instrument, you will set the student on a life-long love of music and respect for our American Heritage. Opportunities for instruction abound every week as the student learns American Revolutionary War, Civil War and later martial music.

We are a parade corps first, reenacting corps second. This is fact because reenacting is a resource drain, parades replenish those resources whether they be musical or financial. Playing together as a corps in parades is so vital to the skills of a corps, that without it, the reenactment and other performances would not succeed.

We instruct all members in Ancient Fife and Drum style and etiquette and encourage fellowship between the several corps in our area through co-hosting a muster in September and a food-fest-jam session in December. We also encourage considerable marching season cooperation between the groups refering each other to events we ourselves can not attend, or events outside the scope of our group.

The homeschool student and parent who join the Excelsior Brigade will attend parades and reenactments and open a world of learning from built-in history lessons to music lessons. The student benefits, the parents benefit and The Excelsior Brigade benefits. Parents may join, and be immediately put to use as a full member of the group along with the student. Parents may also participate as civilian living historians or non-participating boosters.

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