Are you a American Civil War re-enactor visiting or living in the greater Rochester, NY area, or going to be in the area of one of our performances (see our schedule page)?
Do you like to march to the steady thundering beat of the drum and piercing fifes?
Perhaps you can sing the songs of the day?
Do you appreciate our area festivals, volunteer fire departments and emergency service crews?

Well, great then! Grab your uniform, bring your musket, fife or drum, unfurl your flag and JOIN us for a parade or festival, help us enhance our presentation, practice your drill and be entertained by some finely played field music. Absolutely NO OBLIGATION!!

Visit our schedule page for more information and email Western New York Field Music's Excelsior Brigade of Fifes and Drums.

No obligations, no grief, no dues. Just good times and spreading the good word of our hobby/pasion to the masses.

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