Army Regulations for Drum, Fife, and Bugle

Army Regulations
Drum, Fife, and Bugle;
A Complete Manal For These Instruments,
All The Calls For Camp and Field Duty
to which is added
Suitable Music for Each Instrument.
by William Nevins,
Drum Major of Gen. McLellan's Body Guard.
Arranged By A.J. Vaas,
Leader of the Light Guard Band
Price 75 Cents.
Published by Root & Cady, 95 Clark Street.

Gamut for the Fife22Fife
The Reveille, Three Camps22FifeGIF MIDI ABC
Slow Scotch23FifeGIF MIDI ABC
The Austrian23FifeGIF MIDI ABC
The Hessian23FifeGIF MIDI ABC
The Dutch23FifeGIF MIDI ABC
The Dawn of the Day24FifeGIF MIDI ABC
Quick Scotch24FifeGIF MIDI ABC
Three Camps24Fife
Fatigue Call24Fife
Doctor's Call24Fife
Breakfast Call25Fife
Adjutant's Call25Fife
Drill Call25Fife
Dinner Call (Roast Beef)25Fife
The Tattoo25Fife
Doublings of the Troop26Fife
Troop March26Fife
Quick Retreat26Fife
The Troop26Fife
missing page27Fife
Church Call28Fife
The Colors28Fife
To Arms28Fife
The General28Fife
Dutch Waltz29Fife
Slow Retreat29Fife
Slow March29Fife
Slow Scotch (As Played by Fife-Major Robertson)30Fife
Nevin's Slow Retreat30Fife
Hail Columbia30Fife
Hail to the Chief31Fife
Star Spangled Banner31Fife
Bold Soldier Boy31Fife
The Girl I Left Behind Me32Fife
St. Patrick's Day in the Morning32Fife
The Campbells Are Coming32Fife
Rory O'Moore33Fife
Soldier's Joy33Fife
Wait for the Wagon33Fife
Dixie's Land34Fife
Irishman's Shanty34Fife
Bugle School35Bugle
The General35Bugle
The Assembly36Bugle
To The Color36Bugle
The Recall36Bugle
Quick Time36Bugle
Common Time37Bugle
The Reveille37Bugle
The Retreat37Bugle
To Recall Detatchments37Bugle
To Extinguish Lights38Bugle
Assembly of the Buglers38Bugle
Assembly of the Guard38Bugle
Orders for Orderly Sergeants39Bugle
For Officers to take their places in line after firing39Bugle
The Dispersel39Bugle
Officer's Call39Bugle
Breakfast Call39Bugle
Dinner Call39Bugle
Sick Call40Bugle
Fatigue Call40Bugle
Church Call40Bugle
Drill Call40Bugle
School Call40Bugle
Come for Orders40Bugle
Calls for Skirmishers41Bugle
Fix Bayonet41Bugle
Unfix Bayonet41Bugle
Quick Time41Bugle
Double Quick Time41Bugle
The Run41Bugle
Deploy as Skirmishers42Bugle
In Retreat42Bugle
Commence Firing42Bugle
March by the Right Flank42Bugle
March by the Left Flank42Bugle
Rally on the Reserve43Bugle
Rally on the Battalion43Bugle
Cavalry Calls43Bugle
Boots and Saddles43Bugle
To Horse43Bugle
The Charge43Bugle
Stable Call43Bugle
Bugle Signals for Artillery44Bugle
March for Review44Bugle
Head of the Column to the Right45Bugle
Head of the Column to the Left45Bugle
Right Oblique45Bugle
Left Oblique45Bugle
Drivers, Mount45Bugle
Drivers, Dismount45Bugle
Cannoneers, Mount45Bugle
In Battery45Bugle
Commence Firing45Bugle
Cease Firing46Bugle
Boots and Saddles46Bugle
The General46Bugle
To Horse46Bugle
Stable Call47Bugle
Breakfast Call47Bugle
Assembly of Buglers47Bugle
Assembly of Guard47Bugle
Fatigue Call48Bugle
Drill Call48Bugle
Dinner Call48Bugle
Sick Call48Bugle
Tunes for the Bugle49Bugle
Quickstep No. 149Bugle
Quickstep No. 249Bugle
Quickstep No. 349Bugle
Quickstep No. 450Bugle
Quickstep No. 550Bugle
Quickstep No. 650Bugle
Common Time or Grand Marches50Bugle
Quickstep No. 851Bugle
Quickstep No. 951Bugle
Quickstep No. 1051Bugle

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